We're still looking for chaplains - people with experience, especially. If you've completed CPE in a trauma environment, please consider coming.
You may be aware of all that's happening at Standing Rock in North Dakota, and you may also be aware that there is a call for Veterans to gather in support of the Standing Rock protest. At the time of this post there were well over 2200 veterans who have committed to coming December 4th - December 7th (and the organizers are expecting many more). During this time, the Army Corps of Engineers is expected to close down and relocate the encampment where most of the people are living.
Given the number of people gathered, along with the rise in tensions over the last weeks and the likelihood of a standoff that is likely to occur at the camp, the Elders and spiritual leaders of Standing Rock are asking chaplains to be present and prepared to respond to the needs of all who are gathered, especially in the event of trauma.
I would like to invite you - regardless of your political affiliation or position on the Standing Rock protest itself - to consider joining me at Standing Rock to support our brother and sister veterans. We are looking for experienced and professional chaplains who can serve in the context of a protest, not necessarily clergy who want to protest. We will be "noncombatants." We will be deployed alongside the Veterans, among the Medics/healers, at the aid stations that have been set up, and if need be in the area hospitals if injuries arise.
Interested chaplains should contact me directly: [email protected]
Chaplains will be arriving on Dec 2nd or 3rd (at the latest). After orientation and introduction to the Camp Elders, local clergy, and spiritual leaders of the movements, we’ll coordinate our work together and begin providing spiritual support. Logistics will largely be up to you - sleeping, eating, etc. - but there is some financial support available for those for whom finances is an obstacle to participation. Please contact me for more info.
“Interested Chaplains should contact me directly at: [email protected]
Canon Michael Pipkin, ECMN