St. James

Episcopal Church

Welcomes you

Sunday Services: Every Sunday at 10am CT


St. James Episcopal Church has been a part of the Cannonball community for many decades, serving the people then - and today. The current building of St. James was erected in 2013, after a fire had burned down the original church building. The new building is equipped with geothermal temperature control, effecient insulation, windows, and doors, making the building as a whole ojne of the more energy efficient buildings on Standing Rock.

St. James is also home to the Late Rev. Deacon Terry Star, and young Life clubs on wednesday evenings. Stop in anytime to visit us for worship, or just to hang out.

St. James Vestry

  1. Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez
    Junior Warden
  2. N/A
    Senior Warden
  3. Elaine McLaughlin
    Elaine McLaughlin
    Vestry Member & Treasurer