St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Fort Yates, ND, is located on the South side of town. As you enter town, the Church is the Red building at the corner of River Road & Oahe Street. St. Luke's offers Services every Sunday at 10am, throughout the year.

Before services begin, Parents are invited to bring their children to the church at 9:30 am, where children's worship through "Godly Play" will begin. During the wait, prior to 10am services, Parents are welcome to enjoy waffles and coffee .
 The "Godly Play" worship space was created in March of 2017, with the intention to establish a space for the children that attend St. Luke's , that would deepen their understanding  of God, and strengthen their relationship with God.

The Godly Play Story-telling begins at 9:30am CT, and lasts no more than 20 minutes. Following the Story, the children enter a time called "response-time", which allows them to use their creativity to display what they had learned.  at the end of response time, the children would then join their parents in the church for Eucharist.

St. Luke's
Episcopal Church

Welcomes You, no exceptions.


St. Luke's Welcomes you, NO EXCEPTIONS. We would love to have you join us for whatever you are comfortable with. Sunday services are every Sunday at 10am CT, with coffee hour and the occasional lunch to follow. ALL Baptised into the christian faith, regardless your denomination, are welcome to receive communion. Please Join us!